Garter Sizing

We Custom size, to ensure the perfect fit for you. Below are some simple instructions on how, and where to measure.
  1. Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your thigh where you plan to wear your garter/s. Garters are typically worn about 10-20cm above the knee. But its personal preference
  2. Look at the number where the measuring tape overlaps itself. This is the size of your thigh, which will guide you in knowing what size garter you'll need. Write it down if necessary.
  3. Use a piece of string or yarn if you don't have a flexible measuring tape. Wrap the string around your thigh and mark the spot where it overlaps. Lay this flat on a ruler  to determine the size you'll need.
Please Note:The Average size of our Garters are 36cm around Fully stretch to 60cm, they are are best suited to a ladies leg measurement of 40cm-50cm. To give that gathered effect.

Garter sizing explained:

Please note these are estimates and it is recommended to supply exact thigh measurements where possible.

SMALL 26CM around unstretched and fully stretch to 50cm  Estimated size  4-6 MEDIUM 36CM around unstretched and fully stretch to 60cm  Estimated size 8-12 LARGE 46cm around unstretched and fully stretch to 70cm   Estimated size 14-18 XLARGE 56cm around unstretched and fully stretch to 80cm Estimated 20-24

***THESE SIZES ARE ONLY ESTIMATES ONLY, AND SIZING VARIES BETWEEN EACH INDIVIDUAL PERSON, IF YOU ARE UNSURE ON YOUR SIZE PLEASE DONT HESITATE TO TAKE YOUR LEG MEASURMENT AND EMAIL  ( IT TO ME I CAN THEN RECOMMEND THE BEST SIZE FOR YOU*** Unstretched means elastic is relaxed Fully stretched means Elastic is stretched to the point it will not stretch any further, at this point garter no longer has a gathered effect