handfasting cords Ivory hand binding cords with Celtic knot charms


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  • Ivory hand fasting cords with celtic knot charms.
    Approx 180cm (6 foot) long
  • This Cord features:
  • This particular handfasting cord is made from Silky satin braided ribbon.
  •  180cm (6ft) braided in ivory with 3/4″ ribbon
  •  2 Celtic knot charms.
  • braided in the New moon cycle
  • This cord is for the traditional vows of handfasting.
  • Will also make a Great prop for pics after the ceremony.I can design and create you a custom handfasting cord to match your colors and theme (can also be made to requested length), just send me an email via the contact tab and I will be in touch ASAP.I have plenty of various colors available including but not limited to:
    -Bright Green
    – Emerald Green
    – Yellow
    -Yellow Gold
    – Lemon
    -Baby blue
    – Royal Blue
    – Hot pink
    -Fuchsia Pink
    – Baby pink

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